Exams give the student a great sense of achievement and most students, if properly prepared thoroughly enjoy the experience.


Exams are marked at five levels Pass, Merit, High Merit. Distinction and High Distinction. Examinees receive certificates and corresponding Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals for Grades 1 to 5. Along with certificates,Intermediate and Advanced candidates will receive from 8 to 24 UCAS points (for university entrance) dependant on the level of the Grade and the pass mark.


At Ballet Train we enter students from Primary level right through to Advanced.

Our youngest Primary students must be 6 years old and Grade 1's 7 years old at the time of examination.  


All exams are held at the RAD headquarters in Battersea and are are charged at RAD rates. 


At Ballet Train exams are optional, and your child will not suffer if they do not wish to enter. Students that do not take exams will generally move up to the next Grade level at the same time as their peers unless they are deemed to be struggling in their current grade. Students that do wish to be entered for examination must have reached the required standard by the end of the Spring term. Parents will be advised at this time if your child is deemed ready to take an exam. 


Over the years we have seen a huge difference in the levels of confidence, enjoyment and attainment between those students that attend class once a week and those that attend twice or more. The RAD strongly suggest that all exam candidates from Grade 3 upwards attend class more than once a week and we have now made this a mandatory requirement for all exam candidates in the term leading up to examination. Our weekly timetable offers at least two classes per week at each grade from Grade 3 upwards in order to accommodate this.


Ballet can be a lot of fun and is a great form of exercise but it is an extremely hard physical and mental discipline and hard to master at any level on just one hour a week.



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