At Ballet Train we gently ease our youngest students into real Ballet technique and this is not possible until a child has developed some co-ordination. We have had 25 years teaching experience and feel that the current trend for many dance schools to offer classses to children as young as 18 months is quite frankly ridiculous. We do not advise any child to start ballet lessons before they are 3 years of age. Over the last 25 years we have found that those that have started lessons too early in their physical development have become frustrated, literally wanting to "Run before they can walk" and because of this have given up their lessons before they have had a chance to master any real Ballet steps. We have therefore decided to leave "Baby Ballet" to the Nursery schools and start our students slightly later in their physical and mental developement. A time when we feel that they can begin to learn proper ballet technique and leave each ballet class with a real sense of achievement. Students may enrol for Cygnet classes the September after they turn four years of age.


Students will be placed in classes that we feel are the most beneficial for their current physical and technical level. Class sizes differ, the average per class is 8 students.The maximum amount of students we take per class is 12.


All ages for the classes below are approximate as some children maybe more, or less physically developed or technically advanced than their peers.


Please go to the Timetable page for class days and times

Approx Age Class Grades 
4 to 5 yrs Cygnets
5 to 7 yrs Primary
7 yrs up Grades 1 to 5
10 yrs up Intermediate Foundation                
12 yrs up Intermediate                   
13 yrs up Advanced Foundation                   
14 yrs up Advanced 1 & 2        


Please go to the Timetable page for class days and times



All prospective pupils are invited to attend a trial class, this class will usually take place on the first week of term or at the schools discretion. We are happy to enrol Cygnet,  Primary and Grade 1 students at any time during the school year. 


Due to end of year exams, Grade 2 students - 8 yrs upward - will only be invited to join the school at the start of the September term. Exceptions will be made for those with previous knowledge of the relevant grade syllabus or those showing technical proficiency.


Please be aware that parents will not be invited to watch the trial class as we need to ensure that your child is confident enough to join in without a parent in attendance. Parents are invited to observe their child's class on the last week of each term.

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