Ballet Train's London studio is in Mortimer Hall, Greville Road, NW6, which is situated just between Kilburn High Road NW6 and Boundary Road, St Johns Wood NW8. A map showing where to find us can be found on the How to find us page.


Ballet Train has been running since 1992. During this time we have had great success with our pupils some of whom have gone on to study at The Royal Ballet Lower and Upper Schools and Associate schemes. Others have gone to Elmhurst, Tring Park, Central and Northern Ballet Schools as well as The Sylvia Young Theatre School. Some of these students have also had the opportunity  to dance with The Royal Ballet, The Bolshoi and The Maryinsky at both The Royal Opera House and The London Coliseum. Several others have danced with London Children's Ballet at The Peacock Theatre.


Several of our first pupils are now professional dancers currently dancing with The Royal Ballet London, Finnish National Ballet, Introdans Holland, The Maryinsky Russia and Vienna Festival Ballet.


The school has featured in two videos "How to be a Ballerina" and "First steps in Ballet". the latter being re introduced as a DVD.


For those pupils who come to us recreationally ballet gives an all-round base for all other forms of dance and sport. It helps with general stance, balance and carriage of the body, gives a wider appreciation of music, a joy of movement and is a fantastic form of exercise. 

Pupils can start the September after they turn three years of age and can study with us until they have passed their Advanced exams at approximately 18 years of age. Children may start their training at any age, however we must point out that as a child gets older it becomes increasingly difficult to learn and master the basics of ballet. Therefore after the age of seven Grade 1 level, prospective pupils will need to attend a trial class to assess their abilities. A guide to classes and approximate ages can be found on the Classes page


Any students showing serious aptitude will be encouraged and tutored to audition for places at vocational schools and associate programs. Click here to see some of our pupils achievements 


Our year is split into three terms which coincide with normal school term times. At the end of both the Winter and Spring terms, we hold open classes for parents to view their child's progress. The end of the Summer term is reserved for Exams. 


Students may be entered for RAD exams when they are deemed ready, these exams are for children aged 6, and Primary Grade upwards. Exams are optional, but those wishing to take them must be prepared to take two classes weekly during the term preceeding the exam. More information can be found on the Exam page.


Students also have the opportunity to perform on stage in our bi-annual School Performance which takes place at The Steiner Theatre NW1. All students from Cygnet classes upwards are invited to take part. A gallery of photos of past performances can be viewed on the Performance Gallery page.


Ballet is an art form that teaches a child discipline co-ordination, strength and control, along with an appreciation of classical music and the performing arts. These qualities will give your child a head start in life whatever he or she decides to do later. 

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