All students are expected to wear our correct uniform.

Soft ballet shoes, tights and all items of uniform for Cygnets and Primary girls are available to order and buy from the school.


Uniform for Grades 1 to 5 - Intermediate and Advanced students can be purchased directly from - Capezio UK Endell street


Please scroll down for each individual Grade's unifom needs.


Cygnet & Primary Girls - Available to purchase from the school

Lilac leotard with attached skirt

Pink Socks

Pink Ballet Shoes

optional Lilac X over 


Girls- Grades 1 to 5 - Intermediate & Advanced  

Available to purchase from Capezio UK


Tactel pinched front tank leotard with  Elastic belt 

Matching colour chiffon skirt

Pink socks / tights

Pink Ballet shoes 

Matching X Over - optional 


Black circular character skirt Grades 1 to 5 only

Black canvas character shoes Grades 1 to 5 ( with the exception of Grade 4 )



Grade classes - are in the following colours


Grade 1 -  Pale Pink  

Grade 2 -  Pale Lavender 

Grades 3 - Bright Mulberry

Grade 4 -  Dark Lavender

Grade 5 - Navy

Intermediate - Aubergine

Advanced  - Black

Pre Primary & Primary Boys 

Available to purchase from all good ballet stores

White half sleeved leotard 

Navy ballet shorts 
White ballet socks 
White leather ballet shoes 

Grade 1& 2 Boys

As Primary with the inclusion of  Black Canvas Character Shoes

Grade 3,4 & 5 Boys

White half sleeved leotard

Black tights

Black socks

Black canvas ballet shoes

Black canvas Character Shoes (not Grade 4)

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